Polyethylen (PE) regenerates

We exclusively use extrusion films without imprint to produce our PE-regenerates. Because of the different mechanical properties of Polyethylene (PE) we can offer a wide product range, e.g. low density PE (LDPE), linear low density PE (LLDPE) and high density PE (HDPE). Clear, white, blue, colored and black are our standard colors. Furthermore by using different additives, e.g. static protection, UV-batches, color concentrates or fillers, we can realize the individual customer requirements even better. Because of the consistently high quality of our PE-regenerates they can be used in blown film extrusion.

PE-LD weiß

PE-LD transparent B-Ware

PE-LD transparent

PE-LD bunt hell

PE-LD bunt dunkel

PE-LD bunt

PE-LD blau

PE-HD transparent

PE-HD bunt

PE-LD Schwarz

PE-LLD weiß

PE-LLD transparent

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