The development of individual high quality product solutions in constant collaboration with our customers is our main goal. LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP in transparent and white are our standard products. Furthermore by using different additives, e.g. static protection, UV-batches, color concentrates or fillers, we can realize the individual customer requirements even better.

Applications for our products are for example in extrusion or in injection molding.

Our in-house carried out quality checks are the basis for maintaining a consistently high quality of our products. For this, the LH-Plastics GmbH is valued in Germany and in other European countries.

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Polyethylen (PE) Regenerat

PE-LLD transparent
PE-LD transparent
PE-LD transparent B-Ware
PE-LLD weiß
PE-LD weiß
PE-LD bunt hell
PE-LD bunt dunkel
PE-LD bunt
PE-LD blau
PE-LD Schwarz
PE-HD transparent
PE-HD bunt

Polypropylen (PP) Regenerat

PP clear MFR 8-12
PP transparent MFR 4-6
PP colored MFR 6-10
PP colored MFR 2-4