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Heinz Günter Seute founded LH-Plastics GmbH in 2004 and began producing plastic granulates out of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) with one machine. The entrepreneur consistently invested in Langenhessen, so that now three recycling machines and a pre-shredder enable a current capacity of up to 7,000 tons per year. His son Heinz-Henning Seute has been at his side as his successor since 2021 and has already taken over part of the operative business as a further managing director. His mission: the digital transformation and the exploitation of international markets.

Know-how is the guarantee for reliability

Robby Beckert, Plant Manager (Chief Operating Officer) of LH-Plastics GmbH is an experienced manager from the industry and was able to gain extensive experience and knowledge in the plastics industry at a young age. This know-how daily flows into the constant optimization of all LH-Plastics products. As a quality officer, he is also responsible for the smooth running of all processes in the company, so that up to 7,000 tons of regranulates made of PE and PP reach our customers every year - worldwide.

Facts and figures

More than


tons of regranulates p.a.

More than



More than

20 years


"As an entrepreneur, we are responsible for our employees, their families, our community and neighbors."

Entrepreneurship means responsibility

As a company, we take on more responsibility.

An excellent environment cannot be presupposed and must continuously be developed. LH-Plastics supports several projects regularly.

Our focus: Volunteering | Education | Sports.

  • Volunteering - no longer a matter of course today.

    A lot of things would not work in Germany without volunteering. Countless men and women face the challenge of protecting, helping, saving and inspiring other people in their free time. It is a matter close to our hearts to promote and support a wide variety of projects and institutions - especially in our regional environment.

  • Education - the future of our children

    Today's children and students are tomorrow's generation. If we want to secure our current existence in the future, we need a wide range of support. It already starts in kindergartens and schools. As a company, we face this responsibility every year in various projects.

  • Sport - the best medicine.

    Everyone needs exercise, compensation and relaxation - the professional world as well as in free time. Sport is particularly suitable for this. As former competitive athletes, we as entrepreneurs also support our regional sports clubs.

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